When glass becomes damaged during production, shipping, installation, post installation, vandalism or hard water stain buildup, SunPro offers a safe and proven alternative to replacement, the SRP Glass Restoration System.

The self-contained, patented SRP Glass Restoration system eliminates the mess commonly associated with glass restoration; saving time and money for wasted materials. Our unique vacuum-sealed system also circulates slurry (Cerium Oxide/water mixture) through the system, providing a constant supply of fresh abrasives. This feature cools the glass as it polishes allowing polishing speeds up to 6,500 rpms (on glass). Conventional units are unable to cool the glass, therefore; operate intermittently at 1,300 to 3,500 rpm’s.

Versatile, Mobile and Cost Effective:

  • Versatile: Perfect for laminated, curved, tempered, insulated, plate and mirrored glass.
  • Mobile: Use where scratched glass occurs; in the manufacturing plants, on building sites, in offices, homes or parking lots. Requires only a 110-volt outlet.
  • Cost Effective: Saves money in manufacturing, distribution or fabrication environments by reducing scrapped glass. Cost effective in the field by saving the cost of removal, replacement and reinstallation.