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One of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative window film, coating, metallizing and laminate solutions, Madico has engineered products to exceed expectations in industries across the globe including automotive, architecture, healthcare and aerospace. Whether you're looking for protection, safety, security, or enhanced comfort and beauty, we have products that fit your life, your style, and your needs.

SunScape Select®

Dramatic, natural light – in every season. It warms your living space and illuminates your treasured furnishings. But beauty has its price. The very same sunlight that pours through your windows also plays a major role in fading your furniture, artwork, drapes and even flooring. Fortunately, SunScape Select films block nearly 100 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, allowing you to protect your precious interior while reducing glare and energy costs. Madico’s wide variety of SunScape Select products ensures that there is a color and style for every home’s unique design. And because all our dealers are carefully selected by Madico, we guarantee that every job will be completed to the most exacting standards.

Decorative Films

A 100% USA COMPANY! DECORATIVE FILMS LLC IS A SPECIALIZED COMPANY MANUFACTURING A WIDE RANGE OF SELF-ADHESIVE AND STATIC CLING DECORATIVE PRIVACY FILMS. The need for quality decorative glass enhancement privacy films has and is becoming more and more popular and Decorative Films is able to supply the broadest range of decorative films available today at the most competitive prices under our own registered Trademarks, SOLYX® and SimGlas® and UltraCool® and UltraSafe®and UltraAuto®and UltraGlare®. Sun Pro Tinting also offers Decorative Films in frosted and simulated stain glass for view control.

MaxPro Films

For years, the window tinting industry operated in much the same way. The marketwhy choose maxpro was dominated by a handful of manufacturers who cranked out product to meet growing demand, and many companies simply reboxed those films to sell as their own. There were known problems with this window film product: poor shrinkability, discoloration, cracking, peeling, bubbling, and delaminating. There were improvements to be made, for sure. To address these failings, we brought together the industry’s best and most experienced engineers for a singular purpose: to develop the most advanced window film the world has ever seen.

Vandal Shield

is an optically clear, distortion-free sacrificial film, which when applied to glass, mirrors, metal and almost any non-porous surface will provide a significant resistance to etching and scratching of the underlying surface. Its construction consists of a multi-layered, 6 mil laminate of polyester film. If vandalized, the film can be peeled back and removed to eliminate the unsightly look of etched-in graffiti. A new piece film can be reapplied for continued protection.

Huper Optik

nano-ceramic films are unlike any other film in the industry. These non-reflective patented window films are engineered to ensure energy efficient solutions for your windows that will reduce fading, protect your interiors, increase security and allow for the best aesthetic view inside and out. Hüper Optic Smart Window Films provide an environmentally winning solution for clear visibility while leaving lasting comfort.

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